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Egyptian Dance Festival in Cairo and Hurghada - Egypt



Born in Iran and raised in a family of artists, Mojgan discovered at an early stage that she is born to dance.

She completed her ballet training before she devoted herself to the studies of classical Persian dance and the various styles of Persian folklore.


Appointed as an instructor in dance at Tehran, she founded her own folk dance group, which soon achieved great success in competitions and stage shows. Furthermore she kept on developing her classical oriental dance, which she performs in her very special, distinctive style.


Mojgan is proud of each of her students.

With great enthusiasm she creates fantastic choreographies and costumes for her dance group, spreading happiness and the love of dance at numerous performances and shows.

Egyptian Dance Festival 2019 - Mojgan
Mojgan - oriental dance

Due to the changing political situation in her home country, she left Iran and moved to Germany.

Since 1981 she is teaching her numerous students in classical Persian dance, Persian folklore and classical oriental dance in her studio in Dusseldorf – with great charm, heart and soul.

Mojgan- persian dance