Haitham Elshewihi

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Egyptian Dance Festival in Cairo and Hurghada - Egypt

Haitham El Shewihi


Haitham Elshewihi ©R. Nikrandt

Haitham El Shewihi is an experienced professional dancer and teacher of oriental dance.

He is originally from El Mansoura, in Egypt and he is

now living in Sweden.

Haitham Elshewihi - Tanoura Workshop

Haitham El Shewihi received his training at the school of the legendary dancer Mahmoud Reda in Kairo, Egypt and is a specialist in various kinds of traditional Egyptian dances, including bellydance and the Tanoura dance.

Haitham has been working professionally with dance since the age of 17.

Not only does he work as a teacher of oriental dance but is also very much an active artist, performing regularly in dance shows, at corporate events, and at private functions, such as weddings.

Egyptian Dance Festival 2019 - Haitham Elshewihi
Haitham Elshewihi

As he is the only professional Tanoura dancer in Scandinavia, and one of only a handful in the whole of Europe, there is a lot of demand for Haitham’s Tanoura performance throughout the continent.

Haitham Elshewihi - Tanoura