Aladin El Kholy

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Egyptian Dance Festival in Cairo and Hurghada - Egypt

Aladin El Kholy


Aladin El Kholy comes from Egypt (El Mahalla) and became a famous professional dancer after numerous appearances on Egyptian television as well as performances in the Gulf and in Europe.

Aladin El Kholy - "Hassan Afifi Group"

During his studies at the sport university in Cairo where he graduated, he began his professional career as a dancer in the famous Balloon Theatre in Cairo and in the "Hassan Afifi Group". In 1983 Aladin was awarded the title of best dancer of all Egyptian universities by the Egyptian state. In 1988 Aladin came to Germany and graduated here (in Cologne) in Educational Sport.

Aladin El Kholy - Workshop

Aladin teaches in his empathetic and temperamental way in workshops worldwide, especially in Cologne/Bonn (Germany) and since February 2002 in his own “Tanzstudio Aladin” in Sankt Augustin.

He also dances in many shows and festivals around the world.

Egyptian Dance Festival 2019 - Aladin El Kholy

He writes choreographies for many dancers, manages the groups “Ensemble Aladin” (Germany), "Ensemble Aladin Dijon"(France) and "Showgruppe Aladin"(Germany).

Aladin El Kholy & Ensemble Aladin ©Roland Nikrandt

For many years he organized the international dance festival

"Aladins Oriental Festival"

in Bonn / Germany.

Aladin El Kholy - Andalusian Dance ©R.Nikrandt